Studio Pottery- Pottery Stamps on Pottery Tea Bowls


Throughout the years pottery making has been one of my passions. I love creating new and interesting Native American Pottery designs. When working with wheel thrown pottery, there are many ceramic techniques to consider. Today I will discuss how to use custom pottery stamps on greenware. By using clay stamps for pottery, your work can show movement and texture.


First and foremost, acquire some pottery stamps. Pottery stamps are available at

Next create a wheel thrown pottery tea bowl. Before applying custom clay stamps to your pottery tea bowl, leave the rim slightly thicker so that the tea bowl can be re-centered. Plus, a thicker rim on your tea bowl creates stability in the wheel thrown altered piece.

Stamp application Process- Prior to creating texture on your tea bowl, I usually take a heat gun and slightly dry the outside so that the hand stamps do not stick. 

Now the stamp application process can commence. Brace the inside of the tea bowl where the stamp is to be pressed and make your mark. This process can be done in multiple locations on the the wheel thrown pot. 

Last step, lightly wet the top of the tea bowls rim and re-center the lip.

Finished Tea Bowl


For a video demonstration, please click link below.


Link: Wheel Altered Pottery Video

Link: Wheel Altered Pottery PDF Download



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