Artist Statement

As an artist it is my duty to create work about my view of the world we live in today. My work is colorful in nature just like the Chumash cave paintings my ancestors created many years ago. My work focuses on the idea of traditional values vs. the influx of money into today’s tribes including my own. Some of these issues include depression; drugs, alcoholism and dependency.

My style of work comes from street art such as stenciling, graffiti, and even tattooing. I find beauty in the street style and I feel that it is the mix of traditional Native American designs and street art that makes my work really work.

I will use my own drawing and designs that will be used as stencils and then sprayed onto the surface of my work. No matter the medium I decide to use my influence of street art vs. Traditional designs will be my major focus. I am always looking for new ideas and am looking forward to what ever life brings my way.

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