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Pottery on Etsy



By using clay stamps for pottery, your work can show movement and texture.


This is a photographic exploration of graffiti in Lompoc, Ca.

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Check out my new pottery website. On this site I sell pottery stamps and rollers. With these pottery stamps pottery can be altered to fit your needs.


I have posted some new paintings to my website. Check it out!!!







       Check out the upcoming artwork for the upcoming pow wow.  I have designed the logos for the pow wow for years now and enjoy it very much.  I hope that everyone has a good time, till next year.





       The piece I am featuring in this blog is a color pencil drawing I created a few years back. It is about the Chumash story The Making of Man.  I created the entire drawing using the Samala language.  Below will tell the story a...


This painting is one in many that I am creating in the upcoming months.  I will create corlorful Chumash inspired paintings as well as conceptual based work.  I am excited in having more time to create new work and explore new ideas. I await comments and hope you all e...


     As an artist it is my duty to create work about my view of the world we live in today.  My work is colorful in nature just like the Chumash cave paintings my ancestors created many years ago.  My work focuses on the idea of traditional values vs. the influx of mon...

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