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Raymond Ventura

      I didn’t set out on making pottery in a specific style or subject, but that seems to have happened to me in the recent years. I grew up in an urban environment surrounded by drugs, gangs, and poverty. When I am out and about in the street my mind is always on alert for the next big idea. Growing up around influences out of my control I learned self discipline and emerged myself into the arts as a way to keep myself out of trouble. Little did I know that it was these bad experiences and interactions with people that would drive my art to this day.

      My work is a mixture of my Native American Chumash culture in which I love and my past and present experiences. I use my art as a vehicle to express my thoughts and ideas in my day to day life. It is not always appreciated or even understood about what I am trying to do but I keep on working. I try to create social commentary on my native people using their traditional imagery along with my urban influence growing up. This type of work gives me a unique style in which I love. I am able to dive into the problems facing my Native American community through art. It is strange that some of the problems we face today are the same problems I grew up around.

       Being born in this type of environment I am lucky I had my art to lead me on a positive path that fulfills me spiritually, emotionally, and artistically. Pottery for sure is one of the positives in my life. I have only been creating pottery on a full time basis since 2015. I have had previous experience in the class setting but I have never showed my work until recently. Its versatility is why I choose it as my primary medium in the arts.

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